USD vs CAD history

USD vs CAD history

Below is the chart representation for the historical rates between the USD and CAD. The chart is based on the real time exchange rates between the USD and CAD during the selected time period. For more precise history choose from the below options.

USD vs CAD - Today
USD vs CAD - Last 7 days
USD vs CAD - Last 30 days


The statistics is based on the information provided by World Bank on remittances.

Disclaimer: Please note that the rate, fee and the transfer time from each remittance service provider are their locked-in rates and may constantly change based on the time zones and the local currency rates. The USD Explorer team is constantly working on to provide the right information from the service provider's website. The logo used in USD Explorer are all Copyright or Trademark of the corresponding remittance service provider and are used in the USD Explorer just to present their own information.