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Diverging global markets and exchange rates

Dollar exchange rates over Global Markets

As of 12/2015, UK and Germany might see slight increases with their exchange rates considering the latest consumer confidence measures. With this the start of 2016 will give a minor boost on their currencies.

There has been a lot of changes across the global markets that has hit a lot for the Dollar Exchange rates to various countries like India and united Kingdom. The key factor among them are the fed decision that has raised rates by 0.25%. This has given a little progress for the USD hitting other currencies and in-turn the money transfer market. This is going to be key and is about to continue all along the 2016. Why? Yes, the Fed has already stated that they are going to be increasing the rates during various periods of 2016.

The impact of this is also due to the jobless claim numbers that has given a good hike for the USD. Though UK has its developments flourishing still it has weakened against the Dollar.

Following are the set of trends that can be seen during 2016:

  • EURO getting weaker against Dollar.
  • Pound getting slower periodically.
  • Weakening of Australian and Canadian Dollar.

Effect of interest rates on Euro

Though the expected interest rates were kept at a record low of 0.5% this had a very less effect on the currency and is really trading lower from the start of 2016. The december ECB meeting though it made a little progress on the Euro it is expected that the ECB may still be increased in the near future.