Wanted to send more money?

Sending more money at-least more than $10000? Yes, not a tough job. You can either choose to do one of the following,

1. Choose to send smaller amount of less than $2999 using different remittance service providers.
2. Choose to get a quote from one remittance service provider and make a deal for a better exchange rate.
3. Choose to transfer with Usforex or Transferwise as they have higher transfer limit comparing to other remittance service providers.

But in any case, when you do your first money transfer with any remittance service provider, they are going to ask you for a government ID to verify your identity. This is compulsory due to the federal and state regulations in the United States and hence it is important that you must verify your identity on your first transaction.

Below are some of the legal documents that most of the remittance service providers ask for.

Documents required to remit money from the United States

* Social Security Number (Mostly all of the providers wanted to know this)
* Driving license.
* Passport of your foreign country
* Pay stub if any.
* Bank statement for the account from where you want to send money.
* Valid reason for sending the money like mortgage, real estate, education and so on.

Some additional questions as denoted by other forums are:

– Occupation of the sender
– Relationship with the recipient

Sometimes they also wanted to know if the sender is sending on behalf of someone else.