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Sending smaller amounts?

Sending smaller amounts (100-200 USD) is not getting complex at all. Most of the smaller remittance companies does support and allow you to transfer $999 or less. For an amount of this range I would just recommend you to use RIA Money transfer and they support more destinations that may fit you.
One major reason is that the state and the federal regulations are met easier when you send less than $999. I would also recommend to use Pangea if you send money to Mexico. It is just because they give better rates though they have a small fee. I would also like you to compare the remittance companies as the calculation between exchange rates and fee can save you some money. After all its your money.
I would also recommend you to use USD Explorer if you would like to compare before sending. Usually transfers of more than $1000 are only fee free. So for your amount you may always end up with a fee and hence just compare as it makes a lot of difference when you send to countries like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.