Request Money with Transferwise

Today there has been a vast need to request money from someone who may be your friend or a relative. And it does really holds good when you want your money requested in your own currency. Transferwise one of the best remittance service provider has come up with one such option where you can request money from your friends and relatives. The best of which is that you can request money in your own currency with real time exchange rates. Below are the various steps involved when you want to request money with Transferwise.

1) Go to Transferwise.
Request money with Transferwise
2) Create an account with Transferwise by clicking on the Sign Up button on the top.
3) Login to Transferwise
4) Navigate to “Request Money” on the top or navigate to request money page.
5) Create a request by filling up all the details and make sure to select the currency that you request. Below are some of the major currencies that Transferwise support so far.

GBP – British Pound,
EUR – Euro,
GBP – British Pound,
USD – US Dollar,
AED – UAE Dirham,
AUD – Australian Dollar,
BGN – Bulgarian Lev,
BRL – Brazilian Real,
CAD – Canadian Dollar,
CHF – Swiss Franc,
CNY – Chinese Yuan,
CZK – Czech Koruna,
DKK – Danish Krone,
GEL – Georgian Lari,
HKD – Hong Kong Dollar,
HUF – Hungarian Forint,
KRW – South Korean Won,
MAD – Moroccan Dirham,
MXN – Mexican Peso,
MYR – Malaysian Ringgit,
NOK – Norwegian Krone,
NZD – New Zealand Dollar,
PHP – Philippine Peso,
PKR – Pakistani Rupee,
PLN – Polish Złoty,
RON – New Romanian Leu,
SEK – Swedish Krona,
SGD – Singapore Dollar

6) Share the request with your friend or relative and you are all set. You will be notified by Transferwise once you receive your money from your friend or relative.