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It is estimated that Mexico has been a key recipient of remittance from United States by receiving about $24 billion USD in remittances as of 2007. It is also understandable that remittances play a key part in the economy of the region. The following chart and the table lists out exchange rates and money transfer services available to Mexico. The comparison between transfer rates, fee and time can help you take wise decision when sending money to Mexico.
“There is an advance in the recovery of the U.S. economy that has a very high correlation to jobs available for immigrants, and that has a very important impact on the amount of money they send to Mexico,” said Alfredo Coutino, Latin America director for Moody’s Analytics.

Money Transfer Companies to Mexico:
Below are some of the remittance service providers to Mexico from United States.

  • Ria Money Transfer
  • Pangea
  • Western Union
  • Xendpay
  • Usforex
  • Moneygram
  • Remitly
  • Small World Fs
  • Transfast
  • Transfer Wise
  • World Remit
  • Xoom

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